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Are you a Peter Pan?

DaA?a KoribaniA?ovA?, Board Member of OBESSU, examines the phenomenon of a generation who canai??i??t or wonai??i??t grow up.

I am sure you are familiar with this path: Secondary school, university, getting a job which pays the bills, having a family and living like this forever more? This might be a formula which you could easily apply to your grandparents and parents, but the pathway that a high percentage of our generation seems to be following is quite different. And that is an issue for some. In face, it has become such an issue that it has been given a name: the Peter Pan Syndrome (PPS).

I decided to do a bit of googling in order to be precise with explanation of this term, so I questioned the almighty internet which said:

ai???The ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ affects people who do not want or feel unable to grow up, people with the body of an adult but the mind of a child. The syndrome is not currently considered a psychopathology. However, an increasingly larger number of adults are presenting emotionally immature behaviors in Western society.ai??? (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/05/070501112023.htm)

And my question is: Are we really refusing to grow up or is it the society that is refusing to accept our way of growing up? Are we breaking some norms? Or is it just another way of calling us, the younger generation, lazy (without using that word)? Is this what the ai???emotionally immature behaviourai??i?? really isai????

We cannot fight the fact that Europe is in crisis; the cost of living is getting higher and higher, the percentage of unemployed young people is alarming and therefore, becoming independent might not only be difficult, but perhaps even impossible. Yes, I must agree, some of us are forced ai???ai??i??not to grow upai??? because of an unfortunate situation that actually is not something we can be blamed for.

On the other hand, I see a shift in priorities and I see us breaking stereotypes. We no longer want to just get on with life and live it in a kind of average way. We want to find what makes us happy, what fulfils us and time is not the main indicator of our happiness. Many of us donai??i??t have the need to rush to settle down and we donai??i??t mind spending extra months or years studying abroad, taking a gap year, volunteering, travelling or studying for the sake of our personal development. We are not content to just fill a gap in the market, instead we want to explore what this world has to offer. Of course, I am not talking on behalf of the whole young European population, but looking around me, this is what I see.

To get a broader perspective and to get some objectivity on this topic, I have discussed it with a few of my friends. What I found interesting was that some felt stuck in the middle, meaning, according to the description they felt like they could be diagnosed with PPS but their ai???responsible selfai??i?? was thinking about their future and about how to get serious quickly. They also said that they donai??i??t think it is wrong or bad that some people want to live one way or another, just that sometimes, there is the peer pressure and judging of others who decide to settle down quite young. These days, they are very often seen as old fashioned and boring, even ai???lameai???, according to one friend.

This May, I took part in the European Youth Event together with over 8,000 young Europeans, who could be considered as the generation we are talking about. Many of them have chosen to spend years of their lives volunteering for a cause. They were not afraid to present their ideas, not afraid to speak up and disagree with politicians, not afraid to take actions and not afraid to set a direction in which we should be going and that is how they decided to use their time. And that to me is far from not growing up. It is just growing up in a different way. Maybe growing up slower, but growing up making sure our future is the future we want and our lives are something we were happy to live and we will always be glad to look back at.

And what is the future like, for us, the Peter Pan generation? I wish I knew. The only thing I know is that our society is changing faster than ever, and what we might be questioning today could be history within just a few years. So letai??i??s embrace this and let everyone be happy in a way they want to be, Peter Pans or not. inhouse drugstore uk. ortho tri cyclen buy depakote online, buy clomid online order Viagra Caps online cheap, clomid reviews. . . zoloft no rx, order lioresal.

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