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Erasmus 30: the ups and downs of an exchange programme experience

Muhamed Krnjić

Muhamed is a 21-year-old engineering student from Sarajevo who likes sports and photography.

The European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students was launched in 1987 and is celebratingAi??its 30th birthday. In the light of the celebrations, Muhamed KrnjiAi?? interviewedAi??Lamija BaltaAi??-Ai??a third year student of economics at the University of Sarajevo, currently finishing the winter semester as an exchange student of Erasmus+ program in Porto, Portugal.Ai??In an interview for YO! Mag, she shared her views and experiences gathered during the time spent studying abroad.

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What was it like arriving to an unknown place and a city vastly different from yours?

Firstly, Porto is a city that I havenai??i??t had the opportunity to visit before I came there to study, and Iai??i??d say our cultures and way of living are totally different. The university Iai??i??m spending my semester at is one of the best in Portugal, and I had the chance to see it myself.

The people are always ready to help in case you need something, and even whenAi??visiting some of the less known places where English language might not be spoken, they will still give their best toAi??try to communicate withAi??you.

The first moments are the hardest – getting settled, signing the documents and getting to know how foreign university functions – but as the time passed, it got easier and more interesting. However, as a student with the Erasmus scholarship it wasnai??i??t too hard getting used to the atmosphere of Porto. I think of Porto as an excellent city for a student!

Could you describe some of the differences that you were able to notice during your stay in Porto? amoxal amozon.

I feel that professors in Porto are always excited to be teaching us, and they put much effort into explaining the topic and subject. I feel they care about us, exchange students.

Love towards their country is obvious, and they have the desire to share the same feeling with us.

Of course, every trip and experience has its ups and downs and everyone should be ready for it.

I look at it as something positive that pushed me to get better and progress more. In the moments when you are faced with a challenge and you even consider quitting, then those who are ready to endure it and complete the task, are those who will have the strength and skills when something similar happens in the future.

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What would youAi??say toAi??others who wish to study abroad?

Even though Porto is a smaller city and itai??i??s not hard to get around, I would suggest finding accommodation before you arrive to any place. I made theAi??very mistake and trust me, you donai??i??t want to do the same. In my case, I spent 10 days searching for a flat, while moving from a place to place, thus wasting time and money. Also, learn how to be patient because some people are very slow and calm in whatever they might be doing. Be prepared to wait hours in case you want to get something. On the other hand, thatai??i??s not always a bad thing, and people here are one of the kindest I have ever had the chance to meet.

If you are planning to go and study abroad, know that at first youai??i??ll have to work a lot to get what you want and it wonai??i??t be easy, but thatai??i??s life and how itAi??functions. In order to achieve something you will have to invest a decent amount of effort, but looking at Erasmus program from my perspective at this moment, I think it is a good chance for both personal and professional development.


Muhamed Krnjić

Muhamed is a 21-year-old engineering student from Sarajevo who likes sports and photography.

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