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Photos taken at the memorial site for Jo Cox MP at Parliament Square in London.

Jo Coxai??i??s murder bares the reality of the hole in which British society has fallen

Article written by Sam Hufton.

We often hear of deaths on the news in Britain; this clergyman has been killed for their beliefs in Saudi Arabia, these people gunned down in the US for their sexuality, a politician assassinated in Russia for to the slightest degree opposing the regime. It always seems so distant to us in Britain; a country which historically, ever since the end of the 17th Century has not seen political upheaval the likes the continent saw in the 18th and especially 19th Centuries. So when the news broke that a sitting MP, Jo Cox of the Labour Party, had been shot and stabbed multiple times by an assailant, the British nation was gripped like no time in its recent history.

Jo Coxai??i??s wounds were ultimately fatal, turning a shocking news event into a tragedy immediately. Things become even more tragic when you dive into who Jo Cox was. She had worked for the aid charity Oxfam, where she was head of policy & advocacy in Britain. When she was elected for Batley and Spen in 2015, she became a tireless advocate for human rights, womenai??i??s rights, refugees and the downtrodden, even joining the parliamentary group ai???Friends of Syriaai??i??. A humanitarian to her core, which was clear from her maiden speech in parliament, where she said before the House ai???we are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides usai???. She was a 21 Tadalis SX no rx, buy dapoxetine. 75 mg sublingual tadalafil doxycycline online, zithromax online. . st reputable on line pharmacies. order Brand Viagra online cheap buy cleocin lotion online, buy cleocin lotion online, buy cleocin lotion online, buy cleocin lotion online, buy cleocin lotion online, buy cleocin lotion online. , purchase zithromax. Century progressive, in other words, something truly admirable in the Westminster Parliament. And then you hear what her killer allegedly said as he took her life, and itai??i??s more salt in the public wound: ai???put Britain firstai??? – one among other reported nationalist calls.

This is the pit British politics, and society in general, has fallen into, both as a result and a cause of the recent toxic atmosphere of the EU referendum campaign, which devolved into public figures calling each other liars, rejecting each otherai??i??s arguments entirely, rejecting the arguments of those dreaded experts, calls for resignation, the stirring up of fear and the fanning of hatred. I am directing this not only at the Leave Campaign, however the poster unveiled by Nigel Farage was the most blatant example of a continuous degradation of British political life. Remain also extensively engaged in fear tactics, however at least this was ai??i?? mostly – based on numbers (whose reliability was often been exaggerated). It was Mr Farageai??i??s poster, however, which really strikes fear in the heart of democrats; the comparison between it and a Nazi propaganda film from the 1930s has been all over the internet, and seeing it is what really gives you pause to think ai???wait, is this where we are in our politics today?ai??i?? This is the hideous, nationalist atmosphere some of the nation were willing to stir up to win the campaign, these are the forces they were willing to unleash?

Britain got a taste of the new politics we are being subjected to on 16th June, which saw one of the shining lights of politics, the antithesis of the new, ugly atmosphere which has descended, get murdered hideously in the street of her own constituency by a British nationalist. Obviously, neither UKIP nor the Leave Campaign are is responsible for Ms. Coxai??i??s death. Nor are they necessarily responsible for Thomas Mairai??i??s neo-Nazi beliefs or connections. They certainly havenai??i??t engaged in the worst of the hatred and nationalism that we see in Britain today, from Britain First for example, whose London Mayoral candidate turned his back when Sadiq Khan made his victory speech. However, they have contributed immensely to the idea that Britain is not being put first. Jo Cox was no secret Remain campaigner. Considering her other views, and those discovered about Mr Mair, itai??i??s not beyond the pale to think, as her husband does, that she was murdered for her beliefs. And why did he feel so emboldened as to commit this vile atrocity? Perhaps because for months now, he has been hearing from hitherto somewhat respected public figures that Britain is under assault, that experts are liars, that the Prime Minister has failed to put Britain first, and that Britain does need to be put first by the British people.

I would go further however; Brexit is an inherently nationalist idea. Those on the left who fought for Brexit have to square this fact with the rest of their progressive views. Itai??i??s the idea that we can do things better on our own, donai??i??t trust the outsiders, they wonai??i??t put Britain first, Britain is all that counts. Perhaps this is why the young voted so decisively for Remain, 75% of 18-24 year-olds to be exact (and furthermore we had a reported turnout of 70%, only 2.5% below the national average). We donai??i??t buy the nationalist argument because it just doesnai??i??t register. Rejecting the modern world doesn’t change its reality, or solve the problems that come with it. We are the Erasmus generation, and ultimately, we are stronger together, we are brighter when we are accepting and fighting for common goals as Europeans. In truth, that is really putting Britain first.

Cover credit: Garry Knight/Flickr

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