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ByAi?? nesdca. Philippe Ternes

Shining Stars of Europe – a European Union video contest – invites people from all over Europe and beyond to present strong and creative ideas for the future in short video clips. The current edition features the theme ai???Show us your way to connect with your peers, the environment, or yourself!ai??? Visit to participate!

Letai??i??s take a look at some of the winners and their projects in recent years!

untitledIn June 2015, Sezer Askoy from Eskisehir, Turkey, and Leyre Ruiz de AlegrAi??a, from San SebastiA?n, Spain,
two winners of our third edition on new ways of political participation, visited five European cities and engaged people on the streets in personal challenges. In Budapest, Sezer invited people at chain bridge to spontaneously form a human chain joining both ends, highlighting its symbolism as a linkage between East and West. Leyre took up the challenge of inviting people on the streets of Vienna to dance with her to one of her favourite songs. Watch their movie here!

mexican medications online. Around a thousand young people from all over the world have submitted videos over the past two years and their contributions can be found on
youtube and Participants and supporters are united in the Shining Stars Community helping to take up social challenges in many different regions of the world.


Svitlana Romashko, one of the winners of our 2nd edition, cited a poem by Vasyl Symonenko entitled Ai??Do you know that you are human?Ai?? in her video which draws attention to the importance of freedom of speech and questions the necessity of the casualties on Euromaidan.


In August 2014, unti9tledSvitlana was invited to present her video at the Bundeszentrale fA?r politische Bildung in Bonn and gave an interview at Deutsche Welle. Two years later, she describes the experience as one of the best in her life.

A team of six students and three professors won the first prize of our second edition with their contribution ai???Na Minha Europa buy Eriacta, generic zithromax. ai???, in which they call for support measures for young families in order to increase the birth rate in Europe. Pedro Miranda, member of the winning team, visited Hermano Sanches-Ruivo, responsible for European Affairs at the Mairie de Paris, and engaged in an inspiring discussion on the importance of European solidarity in times of crisis.
If you feel inspired, take a look into our media section to read
more exciting stories resulting from the contest and participate yourself until 18th September



Prize awardingAi??at the closing ceremony of the European Year for Development 2015 at the Philharmonie Luxembourg.


neurontin reviews, dapoxetine reviews. untittledPhilippe Ternes, initiator and coordinator of Shining Stars, is a social entrepreneur specialising in youth participation, European Affairs, and intercultural dialogue. He currently lives in Vienna and Luxembourg and is the President of the NGO ai???Our Common Futureai??i??, which combines different types of youth participation such as film-making into a powerful platform.

YO! Mag

Magazine of the European Youth Forum, a platform of European youth organisations. Follow us for insights into the lives of young Europeans

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