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“There is more in you than you think” – an award for non-formal education

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By Melissa Stoakes, EMAS Regional Operations Manager, The Duke of Edinburghai??i??s International Award Foundation buy zoloft online cheap, acquire Zoloft.

Sixty years ago HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, husband of HM The Queen, along with Kurt Hahn, his former headmaster at Gordonstoun School, and Lord Hunt, who led the first successful British expedition to summit Everest, created a great framework which is still changing lives today. You might know it: itai??i??s The Duke of Edinburghai??i??s International Award. What you might be more surprised to hear is that it now has a presence in 141 countries and territories worldwide, and that more than 1.1 million young people between the ages of 14-24 are achieving their Awards right now.

Not many initiatives are doing so well after 60 years. Yet itai??i??s hardly surprising that in a world of rising youth unemployment, unequal access to opportunities buy lasix uk. , and with education systems that often fail to equip young people with the skills they need for life, something which gives young people the chance to test themselves, leave their comfort zones and discover more in themselves continues to be so popular.

Its continued relevance to modern society is due to the fact that the Award is based on some great principles. Firstly, that not all learning happens in the classroom, and that young people need opportunities to learn outside formal education. Secondly, that young people themselves are the best people to decide what they need to do to challenge themselves. The final principle is that itai??i??s really important for young people to have a way to prove to others that theyai??i??ve tested themselves in this way.

The Duke of Edinburghai??i??s International Award Foundation drives and supports the Awardai??i??s global growth. Working through our network, we are creating new ways and places for young people to do the Award, using innovative online tools. We lead the Awardai??i??s entry into new countries, ensuring consistency around the world. We work to increase global awareness of the value of non-formal education. This in turn creates demand for the Award, which is one way that young peopleai??i??s development outside the classroom can be recognised consistently worldwide. Within the European, Mediterranean and Arab States (EMAS) region we operate in 44 countries, of which 19 countries have a National Award Operator ai??i?? and our aim is to keep growing! Ultimately we want every eligible young person on the planet to have the opportunity to take part. The Award can be delivered by almost any organisation ai??i?? such as schools, universities, youth centres, NGOs, uniformed organisations, religious groups and businesses, so we believe this ambition is possible.

The EMAS Regional Office of the Foundation is currently applying to be a member of the European Youth Forum, as we believe that our values and goals are in line with YFJ. Some of our National Operators sit within their National Youth Councils and we have links with some INGO members of YFJ. As the worldai??i??s leading youth achievement award we want to be able to add our voice and our expertise on non-formal education to maximise its impact within the region.

We know non-formal education transforms lives and communities, we see its impact every day. Itai??i??s about time every young person has a chance to take part and find out that there is more in them than they thought.


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YO! Mag

Magazine of the European Youth Forum, a platform of European youth organisations. Follow us for insights into the lives of young Europeans

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